Save Centennial Glen

The NSW government is proposing to build a 4 lane highway across the top of Centennial Glen and Porters Pass as part of the Great Western Highway Upgrade. We need your help to stop this environmental vandalism! Our crags are in danger of being heavily affected by traffic noise, polluted water in the creeks, rubbish and destruction of the very bush we walk through to get to these climbing areas. Your emails to politicians and the government is the only way of stopping this.

The tranquility of Porters Pass will be destroyed if this proposal goes ahead.
A rough sketch on where the proposed 4 lane highway will go.

ACANSW has made a detailed submission to Transport for NSW late last year expressing concern about the impacts to this area, the most popular climbing crag in Australia. ALL climbers need to make a submission to Transport for NSW (and any other political representative you can contact) objecting to this proposal. The more objections and letters that are sent, the better our chances of Saving the Glen. Here is a link to a copy of our submission to Transport to NSW to give you some ideas on what to write.

Your letter does not need to be long – just a couple of sentences about what this place means to you as a climber and its environmental value is all that is required. Don’t forget to mention it is a world-class climbing destination, gives economic benefit to the region via tourism and the hanging swamps and waterfalls are a natural wonder and irreplaceable.

Join the Save Centennial Glen Facebook group for more information and updates on this critical campaign to help save our precious climbing areas.

Please send emails to the addresses below. Subject line Blackheath Highway- Save Centennial Glen. We have separated the email address and names so it is easy for people to copy and paste into one email.,,,,,,,

Mr. Alistair Lunn, Director Western Region, Transport for NSW
Great Western Highway Upgrade Program –

The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP, Premier –

Ms. Trish Doyle MP, Member for Blue Mountains –

Mayor Mark Greenhill, Blue Mountains Council –

The Hon. Andrew Constance MP Minister for Transport NSW –

The Hon. Paul Toole MP Minister for Regional Transport and Roads –

The Hon. Stuart Ayers MP Minister for the Environment –

Ms. Jodi McKay MP, Leader of the Opposition –

Thank you for help saving this world class climbing area!

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