Blue Mountain’s climbers – we need your help!

Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) is creating a new masterplan for land they manage between Kings Tableland and Katoomba – the Southern Escarpment Masterplan. This would include carparks and approach trails for many well known climbing areas such as Sublime Point, Echo Point, Dog Face and Boars Head. BMCC is asking for feedback from residents and visitors to these areas on how they could manage these sites better. This is an opportunity for the climbing community to request infrastructure improvements to these well used areas.

ACANSW has sent in our own submission – download at this link – but we also need individuals to write to BMCC to request that climbers needs are factored into any future plans as a key stakeholder.

The deadline for submissions is 21 June, 2021

There are a couple of points that ACANSW recommends climbers ask of BMCC in relation to this plan:

  • Access to climbing areas remain open as climbing is a key nature based recreation activity for the Blue Mountains.
  • Toilets to be installed at Sublime Point and Cahill’s Lookout (servicing Boars Head)
  • Carparking to remain free and untimed at Sublime Point, Eaglehawk Lookout, Narrow Neck Lookout, Landslide Lookout (Dogface), Boars Head Lookout and Cahill’s Lookout.
  • Track hardening to prevent erosion on heavily used tracks used by climbers along the Southern Escarpment – in particular at Sublime Point (Copeland Pass) and Boars Head.
  • Signage to be installed at lookouts to warn tourists that climbers are below and not to throw objects off.
  • Signage to be installed where climbing access tracks diverge from regular tourist tracks. This would stop tourists accidentally entering climbing areas without the correct equipment and experience.

For further inspiration about what to write – read our submission or this example submission from a Blackheath resident.

Email submissions to:

Soren Mortensen

Andrew Johnson

There is also an online survey that can be filled out, but ACANSW would prefer that climbers submit direct emails to BMCC. The online survey does not make it easy to focus on climbing related issues and recommendations.

Act now – even the shortest submission will help maintain access to these world class climbing areas. This is a once in a generation opportunity to have your say. ACANSW thanks you for helping!

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