Clean up your local crag day…

Sunday the 5th March is Clean Up Australia Day – a long running effort by volunteers to make our natural places nicer. Although there aren’t any official events being hosted by ACANSW at climbing areas this year – there is plenty that YOU and your friends can do to make our crags better on the day. Here are some suggestions…

  • Pick up rubbish, even if it’s not left by climbers. A great place to “hunt” is crag car parks and around tourist lookouts. Take a plastic bag. Rubber gloves and a small “poo” shovel help to deal with the squeamish bits. Every bit helps.
  • Clean off chalk. Scrub it with a brush, or go pro and use a water squirter to really clean the place up. Read our tips on chalk removal on the ACANSW website.
  • Do some weeding. The fringes of suburbs and the bush are often plagued by exotic plants. For info about what shouldn’t be growing in the bush – see the Weeds ID website. Get local advice if in doubt.
  • Remove any unnecessary gear left on climbs (stuck trad gear, worn draws, faded slings). If something looks jank it’s probably time for replacement or removal.
  • Still at a loss for ideas? You could join an official Clean Up Australia event in an area near you. Check their website for ideas.

If this kind of work gives you the glows – then maybe you would be interested in becoming an ACANSW Crag Steward for your local crag? We are looking for people willing to trial a new program of stewardship in the Blue Mountains that may eventually expand to all of NSW. Keen? Get in contact with the ACANSW Blue Mountains team at

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