The ACA(NSW) needs your support so that we can lobby for the protection of access to climbing areas, so that we can develop strong working relationships with land managers, and to ensure that climbing continues to be a sustainable and positive form of outdoor recreation. It’s only $15 to join – a couple of coffees worth to keep climbing open for everyone. The ACA(NSW) is an incorporated association, all money used by the ACA(NSW) is used transparently and accountably for supporting, protecting and developing climbing access.


Thanks for joining! We still need your help – if you have skills that could help ACA (NSW) in our day to day operations we would love to hear from you. We are in particular need of people with legal, local and state government, environmental, Indigenous, media relations and track work experience. Please get in contact.

Interstate Climbers

Whilst we naturally welcome interstate membership, we are fundamentally a New South Wales based organisation, so we’d encourage interstate members to support the leading climbing advocacy body in their state.