Diamond Bay and Rosa Gully access alert

Access to this area is in jeopardy! Please read this important information before climbing here.

Diamond Bay and Rosa Gully access requires climbing a fence that is marked “Keep out, no access”. This fence has been erected to stop suicides and risky selfie takers. In recent years climbers have been approached by NSW Police and Waverly Council rangers when crossing this fence. In 2021 police have reportedly issued fines for climbers crossing this fence during the Sydney Covid lockdown.

A November 16, 2020 Waverly Council meeting confirmed that climbers are not supposed to be receiving infringement notices for accessing climbing areas but authorities will intervene if they believe that members of the public are putting themselves at risk.

“Council enforcement staff have been applying a discretionary approach to enable rock climbers, slack liners and fisherman to access areas at Diamond Bay and Eastern Avenue Reserve. Rangers will not issue infringement notices to this group of people.”

Police attend more than 50 suicides a year along this coastline. A woman fell to her death whilst partying on the cliff edge of Diamond Bay in 2020 and Council rangers and police have been instructed to stop this happening again. The fence is part of their enhanced community safety plan. Below are some examples of what authorities are trying to stop.

Guidelines for climbers

  • Do not cross the fence in front of walkers and sightseers. Don’t create a false alarm by hanging around at the top of the climbing area on the wrong side of the fence. Bystanders may mistake you for a potential jumper and report it.
  • Make it obvious you are a climber by wearing a harness and helmet at all times – put them on in the carpark so there is no confusion about your intentions to outsiders. Always remain harnessed up and attached to anchors when near cliff edges.
  • Be discrete and low key – this is not the place to pose and perform in front of bystanders.
  • Actively discourage any bystanders from climbing the fence to see what you are climbing or to take selfies. The cliffs are for experienced climbers and slackliners only – not a place for tourists to take photos.
  • As a climber please avoid taking photographs of your mates climbing from the cliff top – this will just encourage non-climbers to join you.

If you are approached by police or rangers please follow their instructions and report any interactions to Sydney Climbers Facebook group and Australian Climbing Association NSW (ACANSW) via email president@nsw.climb.org.au

ACANSW suggests you print out page 5 from the 2020 Waverly Council meeting notes and keep this on you when climbing in the area to show to any police or rangers. A screenshot is below:

ACANSW continues to discuss these access issues with Waverly Council and local police in the hope we can maintain access for climbers in future years.

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